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Denver Kids, Inc. exists to support Denver Public Schools (DPS) students, who face the personal challenges of higher risk environments, to successfully complete high school, pursue a post-secondary option, and become contributing members of the community

"We are currently accepting students who are in kindergarten through 4th grade with DPS.

Please complete the following information about the student you are referring to the best of your ability. If you are unsure of the students status or eligibility, Denver Kids, Inc. will follow-up and/or confirm status.

Individual Referring the Student
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* Relationship to Student
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* Has the parent/guardian been notified about this referral to Denver Kids?
Student Information

Denver Kids does not currently accept students who are enrolled in programs that provide similar supports. These programs include:
- Denver Urban Scholars
- I have a Dream
- Big Brothers Big Sisters
- Uplift 'Teacher-mentor'
- Safe City

* Is the student currently enrolled in a program listed above?

We currently provide similar services to this program and believe the student is best served through a single provider.

Students who are currently in review by SIT should be submitted AFTER the process is completed.

* Is this student currently being reviewed by the SIT team?

Please submit this student after they have completed the SIT review process.

* Was the student ever previously enrolled in Denver Kids?
Has the student ever had a sibling in Denver Kids?
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* Current Grade
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Student Characteristics
* Is the student eligible to receive free or reduced price lunch (FRL)?
* Is the student working at or above grade level?
If the student is not at grade level, please explain how far behind and additional information to support this student.
* Is this student currently in the ELA (English Language Acquisition) program?
* Are students parents/guardians English speaking?
Please provide any valuable information regarding the student ELA.
Describe parents language

Students who have an active IEP (individual education plan) must be in their regular classroom at least 80% of the school day to be eligible for Denver Kids, Inc.

* Does the student have an IEP?
Please describe the students special education needs
Student Evaluation

Please rate the students engagement in each of the following categories. Use the rating scale of
1 = Low level of engagement and/or function
5 = High level of engagement and/or function

* Academic effort
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* Behavior
Behavior Detail
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* School staff relationships
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* Attendance
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Student Details
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* Areas for improvement
* Current supports (ie. programs)
* Parent/guardian engagement